Rachael Woods

  • PhD Candidate (Marine Quantitative Ecology Lab) Dept of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, Australia (2015 – present)
  • MRes, (Biology), Macquarie University, Australia (2015)
    Thesis: Environmental factors limiting fertilisation and larval success in corals.
  • BA, (Marine Science – Biology), Macquarie University, Australia (2010)

Rachael is a scleractinian coral larval biologist and ecologist exploring the many environmental conditions that aid in the success and dispersal of the early life history stages in corals.

Her research utilises a range of skills including experimental components (exploring settlement and metamorphosis in a range of different water conditions and settlement cues), field components (searching for juvenile recruitment in both tropical and high latitude locations) and statistical modelling to gain a broad-scale understanding of pole-ward dispersal. Rachael aims to provide insights into how environmental change can either assist or limit the success and dispersal of coral larvae to novel environments. In particular, she works to understand the survival of tropical larvae in novel temperate environments in order to triangulate the life history stage that limits high-latitude ranges for reef building coral species. Her research will provide tropical and temperate marine managers insight into the effects of changing environmental conditions on the early life history stages of corals, which are imperative for the future success of coral reef ecosystems.

Publications: Google Scholar